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i believe all religions lead to god.

i already know all of this, i'm a christian.

i'm a good person, just like most people.

common responses to the gospel

common responses

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When asked, most people say, “Yes! I’m a good person. I mess up, but so does everyone else.” 

To be honest, this was always my belief. I had never killed anyone. For goodness sake, I literally won the award for “Friendliest Person” on several occasions throughout high school. I prided myself on being a kind, friendly, good, gentle, nurturing person. But, it wasn’t until I finally understood the Gospel that I realized that my idea of “good” wasn’t God’s idea of good. 

The video below explains further.

"good people go to heaven."

Are you a good person?

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Did you know that according to Scripture, there are many who profess they are Christians, but are not truly saved? This is a sobering truth! Many churchgoers, “good” people, leaders, and even pastors are not saved. It’s hard to think about, but it’s biblical. Jesus was clear when He said, “Unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” How do you know that you’ve been born again? We can’t be born again by aligning with a certain denomination, we can’t be born again by being “good,” we can’t be born again out of our own might. 

The video below explains further.

"I'm a christian, i already know this."

Have you been born again?

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How arrogant, rude and insensitive it is to say that Jesus is the only way, right? Don’t all religions basically teach the same thing? Don’t all religions hold a piece of the full truth? Isn’t it just about sincerity and trying to be good? Good people will be ok, no matter what path they choose, right? These statements sound really nice! But are they true? 

The video below explains further.

"all religions lead to the same path."

Exclusivity is not for me.

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Hope truly is here, beloved.

In the world, we use the word hope to describe what we wish might happen. We hope for better weather. We hope for a spouse. We hope for children.

But biblical hope is so different — it’s a sure thing.

Biblical hope stands on a strong foundation – the rock of Jesus Christ. We rejoice in the HOPE of the Coming Kingdom – when Jesus will return to right every wrong, to do away with the wicked once and for all, to bring justice, to dry every tear, to heal our bodies and our land. To reign, forevermore.

We wanted this to be a safe place for you to take your time and go through biblical truth. You are wildly loved.

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the hope CARD

equipping believers to share

Our hope is to encourage & equip believers everywhere to go & tell the good news of the coming Kingdom. One way to share the Gospel is by printing out these beautiful Hope Cards, we made them just for you! Learn more about how to use them below.

download the hope card for free

ideas for how you can use the hope card

how to print the hope card at home

the hope card

download the card for free

Click on each image to download the front and the back of the card.

Want to print a foldable version at home? Click here.

Check out our printing instructions here!

the hope card

ideas for using the card

Keep a few Hope Cards with you. While you’re out and about, tuck them into places and pray God uses them to reach the finder. 

Make it a habit to leave a Hope Card with any and all service providers - restaurant servers, baristas, hair stylists, drive through servers ...pray for the Lord to bring new people to your mind! 

Mail the Hope Cards to family & friends who you are praying for. Enclose a note with what the Gospel means to you, how Jesus changed your life, and why it’s important to you to share Christ with them.

Keep a stack of Hope Cards in your purse, briefcase or car storage compartment. Hand them out to people who are in need and have them on hand to give to friends, family, and strangers!

the hope card

printing instructions

1. Download the print-at-home version of the Hope Cards by clicking here.

2. Print it out :)

3. Fold in half. On the inside of the card, consider writing an encouraging note to whoever you are sending your Hope Card to!

Option #2:
Print at home

1. Download the front and the back of the cards.

2. Choose a printing service (Staples, Office Max, GotPrint, etc)

3. Choose a postcard print (4x6)

4. Upload the front and back PDFs according to the directions given by printing service.

5. Order! :) 

option #1:
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